Student Research Opportunities

For all positions, contact Dr. Gary Raney by phone (413-1314) or by e-mail (geraney@uic.edu) for additional information.

Undergraduate Research Assistants Wanted.
Are you looking for research experience? If you are, then keep reading. Participating in research is an excellent way to enhance your application for jobs and for graduate school. By participating in research, you will increase your computer skills, learn about research design, learn about data analysis, and learn about my field of research (how language is processed). The skills you will acquire are applicable to any area of research (even outside of psychology). Participation can be done for credit (directed research) or as a volunteer. The typical time commitment is 8 hours per week. You do not need any prior research experience! What you do need is an interest in research, a minimum GPA of 3.0, a "B" or better in cognitive psychology (if taken), a "B" or better in statistics (if taken), and you must be very reliable. I am always looking for good students to work with me. You can learn more about the type of research I perform by reading my research summary. If you are interested in participating, please complete an application form and email it to me. Application forms are also posted outside my office door (1054 BSB). Contact me if you would like more information.